245 Carlaw Ave, #101B
1 1 1
1200-1399 sqft
233 Carlaw Ave, #610
1 1 1
700-799 sqft
201 Carlaw Ave, #145
1 1 1
600-699 sqft
319 Carlaw Ave, #407
1 1 0
500-599 sqft

1201 Dundas St E, #606
1 1 0
600-699 sqft


Average $381,925
Homes for Sale 4
Homes for Rent 1

Leslieville is hands-down one of the best Toronto loft communities. There are really three districts you want to consider if you’re interested in Leslieville Lofts.

The first is along Carlaw between Dundas and Queen where you’ll find a wide selection of hard loft conversions including the Garment Factory Lofts, The Printing Factory Lofts and the Wrigley Lofts along with some new, soft loft buildings like the Work Lofts.

This has become one of Toronto’s most popular loft and condo communities in the last five years because of the fantastic selection of properties that are available at much more affordable prices than the west-end along with its proximity to the TTC, bustling Queen East and stellar local amenities.

The second area along Broadview boasts the coveted Broadview Lofts, an authentic hard loft conversion, and the third area along Queen Street East has a number of stellar soft loft buildings. Both of these loft districts are technically Riverside. But Riverside Lofts share so many characteristics in common with their neighbours in Leslieville that when we have clients interested in east-side lofts, we typically show options in both neighbourhoods.

Leslieville lofts are best for young professionals looking for an affordable and edgy loft community close to public transit and amenities.