The Hazards of Hiring a Cheap Painter

27 Nov 2008
The Hazards of Hiring a Cheap Painter

Painting your loft before listing it for sale is usually a great idea. Recently a client of mine hired a cheap painter to paint his loft. He selected the painter based on the lowest quote collected. Unfortunaltly he learned a hard, expensive and time consuming lesson. MrLOFT has been working for years with Renaissance Painters in Toronto (416 618-0400) and recommends that clients call Renaissance for a very reasonable and professional paint job. Here are our top 10 reasons why you should NEVER hire a cheap painter:

10.    Not all painters are professional.  Residential and commercial painting in Toronto is not a regulated industry, and these days all you need is a can of paint, a brush and a ladder to call yourself a painter. 
9.    They demand payment up front.  Taking full payment before they’ve even started the job is very risky.  A professional Toronto painter will accept a portion of the total project cost at contract signing, leaving the balance to be paid after he has cleaned the site and removed his equipment.
8.    They have other priorities.  Hiring a cheap Toronto painter means the project can last anywhere from three days to three weeks.  With multiple projects on the go, they are often unable to devote time and energy to your particular project.
7.    They spend your money wisely.  Cheap painters use cheap, inferior paint and paint products that shorten the lifespan of the painted surface.  You want the paint to last years, not months.
6.    Cheap painters cut corners, but not the way they should.  Cheap painters are usually very inexperienced.  Instead of cutting edges like a skilled professional, they will tape along baseboards and other edges, and remove it after the paint has dried.  When the tape is removed, so too is the paint, leaving very ragged, chipped and peeled edges.  
5.    They don’t pay attention to detail.  Cheap painters need to get as little done in as little time possible.  Wall pops, dents and other wall imperfections will not be treated prior to being painted.  
4.    They’ll paint too much.  Telltale signs of a cheap painter:  overspray, splatter or spilled paint, especially on hardwood floors inside, or on sidewalks and shrubs outside.  Unfortunately, by the time you notice these signs, it’ll be too late.
3.    They won’t paint enough.  Interior painting generally requires a coat of primer and two coats of paint.  Hiring a cheap painter means the primer often gets overlooked and getting a second coat of paint is like winning the lottery – a stroke of luck.
2.    They won’t budget properly.  Cheap painters are famous for not buying enough paint.   When they’ve run out and need to buy more to finish the job it’s your pocketbook that suffers.
1.    You’ll end up paying twice for the same project.  You’ll be so unhappy with the poor quality and workmanship, that you’ll immediately call a professional painting company to do the job right.

Don’t be a victim.  Get your painting project done right the first time with Renaissance Painters. contact. Jason Maloney @ 416 618-0400 for a no obligation quote  or visit

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