16 Jan 2009

Over a year ago I met Jeff, a Forex trader at TD who wanted to buy a loft. At the time, Jeff decided to put his purchasing decision on hold as he felt the market was too hot and a correction was overdue.  Then, like a hawk, Jeff swooped back in later in November of 2008, to resume his search.  

For the savvy buyer, November and December are generally great times to buy as the focus for many people, is family and the upcoming Christmas holiday.  

The time of year, coupled with slow fall sales in 2008, made Jeff's timing absolutely perfect.  In December of 2008 Jeff purchased a gorgeous 1,000 sq ft south-east corner unit at the Garment Factory lofts.

The exact same loft, 1 Floor up, sold six months earlier for $475,000.00 – a mere $70,000.00 more than the purchase price of Jeff’s new loft.  

Congratulations Jeff on the purchase of your new home!

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